Everything we experience and we have memory, has been moulded by the light.
Everything is light.

The optimization of this element in every his facet, becomes our principal objective.
Creativeness, functionality, safety and visual confort, become the roads through which we chase our objective.

Every new project in its absolute singleness becomes a space of think and comparison, of experimentation and implementation of every sensitive result of the today’s technology. Probably any type of planning draws near and cohabits with the man as the project of the light; it is directly correlated to our life, to every instant of it, to every emotion of it, to the environment where we live and we work.

Every our project in lighting design starts from this fundamental assumption, to conjugate poetry and semantics of the light to the most functional and technological aspect of the case.

Our lighting projects range from the house, to the restaurant, to the shows room, to the fair stands, to the naval interiors, to the museums, to the hotels, to pass to the outside as parks and gardens, roads, plazas, façades of buildings and every industrial system.

From the custom realization custom, to the photometric relief of the same up to the lighting checks, in line with the regional bright rules,
we are ready to accompany you in your project around the light.

Giulio Naldi

Lighting expert, after the participation in different courses of specialization in the best national centers, it continues his growth path around the light frequenting a master in Lighting Design at the Sapienza University in Rome.
Grown inside the homonym family company, he occupies, for a long time, an important position within the lighting design with works that range in different areas. In 2006 he launches in the project Studionit, conceived and built with his friend Maurizio Ciavolella.
From retailer to planner, he is always distinguished as point of reference in the environment of the lighting.

Maurizio Ciavolella

He graduates in architecture at the University Federico II of Naples and after a specialization in exhibit design in the same faculty, he continues his studies specializing himself in Lighting Design at the Sapienza University in Rome. Conjugating the architecture to the lighting design, he develops his own professional activity collaborating with different architecture firms. In 2006 founds Studionit with his friend Giulio Naldi, a structure of different lighting designers, that works on the whole territory. In the same year he starts a didactic activity of teaching of lighting design, in different specialized didactic centers in subject of lighting.



Alain Giorgio Hernandez_ Lighting Designer

Marzia Adipietro_ Architetto & Lighting Consultant